How it works – Freelancers

1. Create an account

Enter your nickname, email, and password, and choose between signing up as a Freelancer/Service provider. If you want to use the platform as Buyer/Customer as well, you would need two different accounts.

2. Choose your membership plan

You can select and purchase one of four different membership plans depending on the usage you wish to make of our platform and your current needs.

3. Complete your profile

Provide as many details about your professional experience as you wish, add skills, upload portfolio, indicate your hourly rate.

4. Find projects you are interested in and place your bids

You can search for projects by keyword, price range, skills, and categories. When you find a project that catches your interest and you are certain that it is the right job for you, propose a bid and wait for the Buyer’s decision. You can only place one bid per project. Click here to see the applicable charges and fees, so you can account for them in your bid.

5. Start working on the project

If your bid wins the approval of the Buyer, wait until you are notified that the amount agreed upon has been deposited in Escrow, and as soon as that happens, you can start working on the project. Please be mindful to maintain open communication with your client at all times and to deliver the projects on time!

6. Deliver the project and get paid

When you are certain that the project has been completed to your client’s satisfaction, mark the project as delivered and upload all of the necessary files. After the client reviews and approves the delivery, your payment will be released by Escrow and into your account. You can withdraw* it to your PayPal account at any time.

* Minimum withdrawal amount is $20.